Pro-Wrestling Week Review (9/10-9/15)


D. Purazzo vs P. Kelly

The second round of the Mae Young Classic Tournament started well, with Purazzo advancing over the owner of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen in a real person. Well, that doesn’t really matter, does it? The fact is Purazzo’s Fujiwara armbar looks awesome and I’m excited to see her at the next round. ***1/4

A. Monroe vs Zeuxis

I was impressed that Zeuxis advanced in this one considering the amount of time spent by the announcing team to put Monroe over. Besides, the luchadora kinda sucked here, with some very awkward spots. Her rudo antics are nice, though, and bring an old school Lucha Libre feel to the table. The Super Spanish Fly was an awesome finish, by the way. ***

K. Catanzaro vs R. Gonzalez

The David/Goliath formula didn’t work here as well as it should because that was already used last week. Still, it was impressive to see the size difference between both wrestlers. Catanzaro winning was also a problem considering that the underdog won the other match as well, but I’ve heard she’s one of the hottest prospects in the promotion, so I’m fine with that. ***1/4

A. Rayne vs M. Martinez

This was kind of disappointing considering the talent involved. I’ve just watched Rayne taking part in what I believe to be the best women’s wrestling match to take part in American soil at All In, and I know Mercedes is awesome. Somehow this didn’t click, though, and it was an ordinary half-boring match. ***


K. Omega vs T. Ishii

When two of your favorite wrestlers on the planet get in the ring together nothing can go wrong, right? Yes, right. This was awesome. Once again, these two delivered a great match that only added to their resumés. I knew Kenny wasn’t losing here, but I couldn’t avoid rooting for Ishii. The Stone Pitbull has that sort of charisma that makes you cheer him no matter what. We all know he will never get the big one, but we always hope, it’s sorta like an impossible love. Anyway, they gave us another fantastic performance. Maybe, this wasn’t as good as their encounter at the last G1, but was still amazing. If Omega reign keeps at this level, we will have another legendary run with the title. ****1/2


Pro-Wrestling Week Review (9/2-9/9)


M. Takeda vs J. Kasai

We start the week with another classic deathmatch performance by Takeda, this time facing a legend on the genre, “Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai. Takeda has had an amazing year so far, establishing himself as the best hardcore match of today and maybe even of the modern era. This was no different. It was a great spectacle with everything you expect from a deathmatch and even more. Glass boards, light tubes, and even an exposed ring. I think it was actually the first time I saw someone removing the wooden boards and throwing someone into the empty space under the ring. Takeda showed some viciousness as usual, but Kasai was right after showing a fighting spirit that I have never seen before in a deathmatch. Best performance of the Crazy Monkey career, another classic by Takeda (****1/4).


P. Dark vs Hernandez

When it comes to the ring, Lucha Underground still delivers. This was far from being a classic but set once again Penta as one of the best luchadors of today. Hernandez showed some cockiness and nice athleticism, but that was all. Solid match (***1/4).


T. Nox vs Zatara

The first match of this year’s tournament was solid. Not memorable, though (***).

MJ Jenkins vs R. Ripley

Ripley is a future star. Jenkins is too WWE for me. I found out that she was trained by Johnny Rodz, and I’m impressed that the guy is still alive (***).

L. Lane vs V. Kraven

I usually hate the David vs Golias formula but it worked just fine here. Not only they told the story well, but the in-ring also reflected it, with Lane keeping it quick and Kraven throwing power moves. I was surprised by the upset at the end, and it only added to the match. Very good match (***3/4).

K. Kelly vs M. Satomura

I think this was actually the first time I saw a Satomura match, and I already want more. Her Billy Robinson style offense is awesome, and let’s be honest, Killer Kelly was great here as well. I was legit scared that Kelly would win and that was all for Satomura, but that didn’t happen. I think I have my favorite to win the tournament now, but probably I won’t get it. Anyway, best match of the tournament so far and great show for both wrestlers (****).


D. Finlay & J. Robinson & T. Makabe & T. Honma vs H. Tenzan & M. Nakanishi & S. Kojima & Y. Nagata

This was Nagata’s 50th Anniversary show but was Kojima’s match. Kozy just came back from an injury and had his chance to shine here. This was a nice showcase for the legends, Robinson and Finlay. By the way, kudos to little David for selling that Kojima lariat the way he did (***1/4).

Best Pro-Wrestling Matches 2018/1

By the end of last year, it was clear that we were living through a golden era within the realms of professional wrestling. The New Japan Renaissance finally put the Japanese promotion in a place where it could rival wrestling’s behemoth WWE, at last. The number of great wrestling matches has been unbelievable in the last half-decade, and things are not slowing down.

Indie wrestling in America is hotter than ever. Lucha libre has gathered some attention thanks to some great performances taking part in Mexican soil. British wrestling is also going through their own resurgence. And only WWE seems to be the same boring product (but not for long if they want to keep their position as the top promotion in the world).

The point is that 2018 is the year to change everything. The G1 Climax is here. All In is coming. But that’s only the second semester. So far, we have already seen some of the most insane matches ever when it comes to in-ring quality and great storytelling. And it’s only fair that we select the Top 10 matches that have taken place this year so far.

10 – O’Reilly & Strong vs Burch & Lorcan – NXT – TakeOver Chicago


Burch and Lorcan had a short lower-midcard feud in NXT for some weeks, and it was really interesting. This is one of those situations where a thrown-together tag team really works. Both guys have a very similar hard-hitting style, and by teaming together they’ve only accentuated that. And what a better way to show that than facing one of the best tag teams in the whole planet? This match was everything you should expect. It was the chance Burch and Lorcan needed to show they could be assets to the company, and they did. Insane action from start to finish, more than worth a watch.

9 – Men’s Royal Rumble – WWE – Royal Rumble


WWE was able to create something special before ruining everything for the rest of the year, and that was the 2018 Men’s Royal Rumble match. After a streak of disastrous Rumbles, WWE finally got the story right. This year’s match had a different feel to it, with a great story being told, some nice spots, great surprises and a winner that people actually wanted to see winning. You thought they’ve finally learned what a modern-day Rumble should look like, right? But, then, we had Saudi Arabia and… well, never mind!

8 – Suzuki vs Makabe – NJPW – 46th Anniversary


One of the most underrated matches of the year, the Makabe/Suzuki encounter was something to watch. This year has been something special for Suzuki. He’s been as good as it gets, and at his age, everything becomes even more surprising. Makabe is very popular among the Japanese audience, and this time he brought his best game. It was hard-hitting and exciting. Watch two psychos beating the hell out of each other is something I will never get tired of.

7 – ACH vs Gordon – NJPW – Best of the Super Junior


Another match that won’t make most MOTY lists, this encounter was special for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, you have two guys who were not favourites to win the BOTSJ tournament having to prove themselves. And they did. ACH and Flip Gordon had a match with a little bit of everything. Besides that, you also had an unspoken story in the background. To me, it felt like there was some jealousy here. Gordon is the upcoming young talent that can do things no one else in the world can do. Well, when I started watching wrestling back in 2012, ACH was this guy for me. Now, he is no longer that. He’s the guy who’s been sort of forgotten for the most part when we talk about great wrestlers even though he always delivers bell to bell. Once more, he proved that here.

6 – Cole vs EC3 vs Dain vs Sullivan vs Ricochet vs Dream – NXT – TakeOver New Orleans


NXT put their hottest signees, their two best built in-house guys, and two of their most talented regular talents in a ladder match. What was the result? A fantastic spotfest that got those five stars from uncle Dave. This match became an instant classic, and it’s going to make it to WWE historical rankings, no questions asked.

5 – Tanahashi vs ZSJ – NJPW – New Japan Cup


The New Japan Cup was the perfect way for Zack Sabre Jr. to establish himself as a Main Eventer in an international level. After beating an impressive set of opponents, he had to face none other than Hiroshi Tanahashi. It’s not stupid to say that Tanahashi is the best seller on the planet right, and that worked very well within the context of this match. Sabre’s style is perfect for the offense, while Tanahashi’s allows us to be in a constant position of uncomfortableness. The masterfulness of every submission hold by Sabre combined with Tanahashi’s perfect selling mad this something really special.

4 – Omega vs Okada – NJPW – Dominion


The fact that this match is only number four in our list shows exactly the kind of year we are having. This seven-star epic was the culmination of almost two years of great storytelling and even better matches. New Japan was able to crown Kenny as champion in a way that we all felt like we were witnessing an important moment that would live forever in the minds of professional wrestling fans. The two out of three falls stipulation was for many a matter of concern. These two, though, were able to make more than an hour of action look like a couple of minutes of sheer and excitement. Masterful modern pro wrestling can be resumed by this.

3 – Young Bucks vs Golden Lovers – NJPW – Strong Style Evolved


Great storytelling was something usual in 2018. Another match that showcased the ability to tell a great story between four ropes was this tag team special. Omega reuniting with Ibushi at the same time he had a break up with the Bucks was a smart move, no doubt about this. This tag team match would be a must watch anyway, but the way it was built, it made everything a lot better. It was magnificent to witness friends facing each, struggling while doing it. It was painful, even. Only a few matches will get you involved at a point that will make you cry. Bucks vs Lovers is one of those.

2 – Gargano vs Ciampa – NXT – TakeOver New Orleans


If you were there, watching as the show was ending, and saw Tommaso Ciampa turning into Johnny Gargano and breaking up DIY, you were waiting for this match. It took some time for us to get to this point, but not enough to make us lose interest. This was carefully built to make us care. And we did. This was old school heat meets modern action. No one watched this match wanting Ciampa to win. It didn’t matter how great you might have thought he was. We wanted our babyface, our good guy, our fan favourite to win. We wanted Johnny to make Ciampa pay for being an asshole, for destroying something special. And we got it the best way possible. This was spectacular. Fast, smart, brutal. Beautiful. Magic.

1 – Ospreay vs Scurll – NJPW – Sakura Genesis


This match might have lacked the background history that the three previous entries on this list had, but it paid out with pure sadistic viciousness. You know all that talk about pro wrestling being fake? Well, it’s matches like this one that makes you forget about that. The spot on the apron where Ospreay almost ended his career (and, possibly, his life) is one that I will remember forever. Yes, it made me worry. Yes, it made me feel uncomfortable. But it took the match to a new level. From that point on I believed. I believed that these guys wanted to kill each other, and that brought that blood-thirsty animal that lives inside of each and every one of us, and Scurll working the neck of Ospreay only made things worse. All that combined made this the best match of the first half of 2018.

So, how many of these matches have you watched? Do you agree with this list? What are your favourite matches of the year so far?

This month in professional wrestling – January 2018

Last year was an amazing year for professional wrestling, and that’s a fact. New Japan had their best year ever, NXT continued to deliver some of the best action in the world, ROH saw their business going up there with Cody as their figurehead, AJPW and NOAH went through a sort of resurrection, the Japanese indies offered awesome wrestling, and the Australian and New Zealander scenes become something to talk about.

However, one promotion still faced some problems, and the reason why it’s such a big deal is that they still are the number 1 promotion in the world. WWE started 2017 with another awfully booked Royal Rumble, a forgettable Wrestlemania, and went through a year so full of terrible things, that it is impossible to mention everything bad that happened at Uncle Vince’s Wonderland. We had to witness Randy Orton’s worst year, Bray Wyatt’s unbearable bullshit, and Jinder Mahal as WWE champion. So, it was only logical to expect nothing from 2018, right?

Thank God for January

I’ve started watching wrestling regularly back in 2012, and I’ve never seen such a great month. The last weekend, particularly, was so great that it was impossible to believe. As of February 1st, we already have two five star matches by Dave Meltzer. Last year, at this very moment, we had only one, and, by the end of the year, we had ten. However, what makes things really impressive is that Dave still has a couple of big New Japan main events to rate. We may witness a historic month with up to four 5 star matches, and that proves that 2018 is probably going to be even better, wrestling-wise, than 2017.

We started the year with the classic Tokyo Dome show, promoted by New Japan Pro-Wrestling. After last year’s amazing performance, the hype for the show has been huge since last year. It got even higher when Jericho vs Omega was announced as the semi-Main Event for the show. And, to no one’s surprise, the show delivered once again. The New Japan Rumble was their best yet, with great booking, and a sense of storytelling we didn’t see at the previous editions. The junior tag team match showed that the Young Bucks can fucking sell their asses off. Cody had the best match of his career against Ibushi. The junior heavyweight fatal 4 way gave everybody a little glimpse of the best division in the world. The highlight of the night, though, was the Omega/Jericho match. Y2J had the best match of his career, and Omega was Omega, great as always. The Wrestle Kingdom show was, once again, unforgettable.

My Star Ratings

New Japan Rumble – ***

Young Bucks vs Roppongi 3K – ****1/4

NEVER Six Men Gauntlet – **3/4

Cody vs Kota Ibushi – ***1/2

SANADA & EVIL vs Killer Elite Squad – **3/4

Hirooki Goto vs Minoru Suzuki – ***

Hiromu Takashi vs KUSHIDA vs Marty Scurll vs Will Ospreay – ****

Jay White vs Hiroshi Tanahashi – ***

Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega – ****1/4

Tetsuya Naito vs Kazuchika Okada – ***3/4

The trend continued the following night. This time, however, New Japan focused on great angles to establish future matches. At New Year Dash, we saw the rebirth o Suzuki as the most menacing wrestler on the planet as he attacked Tanahashi, and instantly became the #1 contender for the Intercontinental championship. Also, we got closer to the end of the Bullet Club as we know it with Ibushi playing a huge part in it. At the same time, Jay White recovered from a disappointing Wrestle Kingdom performance as he refused to join the Club and attacked Omega.  By the end, we also had the chance to see Chris Jericho attacking Tetsuya Naito, proving that Y2J will stay around and already have his next opponent.

My Star Ratings

Roppongi 3K & Cheeseburger vs The Elite – ***1/4

Leo Tonga, Chase Owens, Marty Scurll, Yujiro & Cody vs David Finlay, Juice Robinson, KUSHIDA, Ryusuke Taguchi & Kota Ibushi – ***1/4

Killer Elite Squad, Zack Saber Jr. & Minoru Suzuki vs War Machine, Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi – ***

Hiromu Takahashi, BUSHI, EVIL, SANADA & Tetsuya Naito vs Will Ospreay, Hirooki Goto, Gedo, YOSHI-HASHI & Kazuchika Okada – ***

Using the momentum set by New Japan, a lot of other Japanese promotions also had their New Year’s shows. Also, Riki Choshu produced a very fun show full of legends and established stars.

My Star Ratings

Yusaku Obata vs Masato Tanaka (ZERO1) – ****

Zeus vs Joe Doering (AJPW) – ***3/4

Daisuke Sekimoto & Hideki Suzuki vs Twin Towers (BJW) – ***1/2

Daichi Hashimoto vs Ryuichi Kawakami (BJW) – ***3/4

Masashi Takeda vs Takumi Tsukamoto (BJW) – ****

Masa Kitamiya & Masato Tanaka vs Naomichi Marufuji & Shingo Takagi (Choshu) – ***1/4

Daisuke Sekimoto, TAKA Michinoku & Tatsumi Fujinami vs Gota Ihashi, Kota Ibushi & Riki Choshu (Choshu) – ***1/4

Kaito Kiyomiya vs Kenou (NOAH) – ***3/4

As the month moved on, we had another match by NWA. This time it happened at Impact Zone. The Empty Arena wasn’t great at all, but it helped to showcase the incredible talent of Jeremy Borash, what resulted on a WWE contract offer later on.

Also, NJPW helped promote another CMLL FantasticaMania that took place, once again, in Japan, with some very fun bouts. It was a great chance for those who don’t watch Lucha to get to know some very interesting wrestlers.

My Star Ratings

Tim Storm vs Jocephus (NWA) – **3/4

Gedo, Kazuchika Okada & Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Mistico (NJPW/CMLL) – ***

Niebla Roja vs Gran Guerrero (NJPW/CMLL) – ***1/4

Volador Jr. vs El Barbaro Cavernario (NJPW/CMLL) – ***3/4

We’ve finally got to the end of the month, and if you thought this was already a fantastic period, you’d be even more impressed with the weekend that followed.

NJPW promoted two nights of the New Beginning show.  First, we had a series of matches building up future feuds. At night 1, however, the main event was the highlight. Suzuki & Tanahashi had the best singles match of the weekend, and I think Minoru just became my current favourite wrestler in the world. Suzuki destroyed the Ace in every way possible and, right now, it seems like only Brock Lesnar could beat the leader of Suzuki Gun.

Night 2 also provided good matches and even better angles. The Bucks showed, once again, that they can sell their asses off when they want to in another match against RPG3K. Omega also proved why he is one of the best wrestlers in the world helping to establish Jay White as a superstar in the process. And, by the end of the show, we saw the implosion of the long built Bullet Club crisis. After Kenny lost his belt to White, Adam Page came down to challenge for the U.S. championship. He took the belt only to be shoved aside by Omega who gave the title back to White in a sign of respect. That resulted in Cody and the rest of the Club coming to ring and starting an argument. In the heat of the moment, Kenny pushed an injured Matt Jackson to cause even more intrigue to the story. As everybody left the ring and things seemed to be, once again, alright, Cody turned on Omega and beat the hell all of him, trying to get Page to join him. However, there came the help in the shape of Kota Ibushi. The Golden Lovers were reunited, the Bullet Club was in pieces. Long-term storytelling paying off in one of the greatest angles in the history of professional wrestling.

My Star Ratings

Night 1

Adam Page, Marty Scurll & Cody vs Juice Robinson, David Finlay & Kota Ibushi – ***1/4

Will Ospreay & YOSHI-HASHI vs Hiromu Takahashi & Tetsuya Naito – ***1/2

Gedo, Hirooki Goto & Kazuchika Okada vs BUSHI, EVIL & SANADA – ***

The Elite vs Jay White & Roppongi 3K – ***1/4

Minoru Suzuki vs Hiroshi Tanahashi – ****1/4

Night 2

The Young Bucks vs Roppongi 3K – ***3/4

Jay White vs Kenny Omega – ****

As New Japan set a high standard at the very beginning (no pun intended) it was only logic for WWE to do their best and keep the momentum going, right? Well, if you’ve been watching their product lately you wouldn’t be so sure, what made things even more surprising when they, actually, delivered.

Of course, we all expect NXT to be great, we’re used to it. And they were. We had another great tag team match with the Authors of Pain involved, what makes me think this may be their year to become the best tag team in the world. Also, Cole and Black tore the house down in an Extreme Rules match.

To me, however, the greatest disappointment of the evening was the women’s match. The structure of the match was terrible, the booking was awful and Moon vs Baszler is a Worst Match of the Year contender for me.

The main event, however, set new standards. I’m not as high as most people on the match, but I still think it was an awesome match. There’s one little problem that hurt the match to me, and that was the non-use of Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa was the perfect reason to justify Gargano’s loss. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself a good clean finish, but, in this case, the story demanded the interference. The heat would be out of this world. Almas would move as the champion who uses other people to get his wins, and he could get his clean win later on against another opponent to establish him as a great champion. I wanted to be left with the feeling that Gargano should be champion right now, and the only reason he was not was Ciampa. I think I got myself into a work there.

My Star Ratings

The Authors of Pain vs Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly – ***3/4

Shayna Baszler vs Ember Moon – **

Aleister Black vs Adam Cole – ***3/4

Andrade Almas vs Johnny Gargano – ****1/4

And, then, we got to the scariest moment of the year: the Royal Rumble. I haven’t had fun with a Rumble since 2012, and that is more than enough to justify how scared I was before this started. Yes, this time we also had the Women’s Royal Rumble just in case the Men’s sucked, but I was still scared. The idea of Roman Reigns winning another Rumble still gives me nightmares. My fears, however, did not become reality. WWE delivered their best big event in I don’t know how long despite the terrible matches aside from the rumbles. Also, they presented what’s probably the best Royal Rumble match ever. They have set a dream match in AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura. They pushed Asuka to the moon. They debuted Ronda Rousey. They brought us the nostalgia acts we all love and gave some NXT stars the chance to shine in a mainstream environment. You know, this makes you realize: it’s not that hard, Uncle Vince!

My Star Ratings

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles – ***

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs The Usos –  ***

Men’s Royal Rumble – ****1/2

Kane vs Braun Strowman vs Brock Lesnar – ***1/4

Women’s Royal Rumble – ***1/4

Top 10 Álbuns 2017

10º: Planetarium by Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly & James McAlister

220px-planetarium_28album29_coverTendo o Sistema Solar como foco principal, Sufjan Stevens e companhia criaram um álbum que consegue se distinguir de tudo o que foi feito em 2017. A mistura de música eletrônica e folk rock na melodia e de astronomia e mitologia clássica nas letras, conferem ao álbum um caráter único e tornam-o obrigatório a quem aprecia música alternativa.


9º: Younger Now by Miley Cyrus


Cyrus está de volta, e mais country do que nunca. Younger Now mostra um lado diferente da filha de Billy Ray, e traz uma sensação de feel good consigo. Inspired, a última faixa do album, em particular, revela os incômodos de uma geração que ainda se apóia nos pais, ainda que se arrisque a viver uma vida sua. É uma juventude pós-maturidade que se revela, quando os anseios da maioridade dão lugar ao medo de uma vida adulta repleta de incertezas.

8º: Wonderful Wonderful by The Killers

220px-the_killers_-_wonderful_wonderfulÉ inevitável dizer que The Killers já se estabeleceram como uma das melhores bandas do século. Isso, no entanto, não impediu que eles lançassem ainda outro álbum repleto de canções memoráveis. The Man mostra uma forma de ostentação com um pouco mais de esmero do que o normal ao qual o tema habitualmente é abordado. Já Tyson vs Douglas revela a fragilidade da idolatria, e de como heróis podem ser tirados de pedestais com a mesma facilidade com que são lá colocados.

7º: As You Were by Liam Gallagher

220px-liam_gallagher_-_as_you_wereO primeiro álbum solo de Liam não desaponta nem um pouco. Muito pelo contrário, ele te faz lembrar a razão pela qual ama tanto o OasisWall of Glass, por exemplo, reflete a fragilidade do ser humano e sua necessidade de julgamento, enquanto mantém os próprios segredos. For what’s worth, por outro lado, constitui uma reflexão dos próprios erros, ao mesmo tempo em que tenta-se justificá-los e absolver a si próprio de qualquer culpa.

6º: Red Pill Blues by Maroon 5

220px-red_pill_blues_coverHá uma razão pela qual eu tenho enorme respeito pelo Adam Levine, e isso vai além do fato de ele ser jurado do The Voice. Quando você ouve algo vindo do Maroon 5, automaticamente é possível notar a razão de serem tão populares. Não se engane, eles são artistas pop. Mas há algo além. E, claro, dar todo o crédito ao Adam é ser injusto com o restante da banda. O álbum vai além de querer tirar proveito da enorme fanbase que existe lá fora para o gênero. Isso se reflete, por exemplo, em Closure, onde transformam uma faixa pop em um ato extendido de blues rock daqueles que a gente aprecia pela beleza inata que parece carregar consigo.

5º: Caravanas by Chico Buarque

capadigital_chicocaravanasAh, Chico! É impossível terminar de ouvir Caravanas sem suspirar. Isso porque, mais uma vez, o sr. Buarque de Holanda consegue mixar aquelas letras que só ele consegue compôr com melodias quase etéreas de tão fascinante. Em A Moça do Sonho ele toca na ideia do amor idealizado, evocando velhos conceitos e provando que eles ainda funcionam. É um romantismo quase cafona que parece perdido, mas ainda provoca suspiros.

4º: Melodrama by Lorde

220px-lorde_-_melodramaÉ assustador pensar que Melodrama é apenas o segundo álbum de Lorde, considerando o impacto que a artista já causou, estabelecendo-se como uma das maiores cantoras dessa geração. Dessa vez alavancado por um processo de maturação, o álbum é povoado por uma série de canções sobre a chegada da idade adulta, a pressão social exercida sobre a juventude e a dificuldade de lidar com a vida privada em um mundo cada vez mais ausente de privacidade.

3º: Is This the Life we really Want? by Roger Waters

220px-roger_waters_-_is_this_the_life_we_really_want3f_28artwork29Por mais que conflitos internos e amores adolescentes tenham lá suas atratividades, é o lado político da coisa que realmente gritou no ano de 2017. E Roger Waters, é claro, se fez ouvido. Criticando a tudo e a todos, Waters pergunta se essa é a vida que realmente queremos viver, repleta de ódio e preconceito, injustica e estupidez. Em Déja Vu ele chega a se colocar na pele de Deus, revelando a tragicidade da história que se repete uma vez mais. Uma obra de arte que revela as dores da contemporaneidade.

2º: Villains by Queens of the Stone Age

220px-villains_cover_artworkÉ possível ser conservador e transgressor ao mesmo tempo e ainda produzir o melhor álbum de rock do ano? Villains prova que sim, trazendo QOTSA em seu melhor. Un-Reborn Again evoca símbolos clássicos ao gênero para questionar acerca do tempo e do impacto que ele causa no ser humano, revelando uma eterna busca pela juventude a despeito de qualquer coisa. Aliás, essa parece ser uma estratégia que permeia o álbum, no qual drogas e satanismo são mencionados para tratar de temas importantes, sejam eles muito próprios da atualidade ou, ainda, atemporais.

1º: Pure Comedy by Father John Misty

220px-pure_comedyQuer falar de timing perfeito? Então vamos falar de como Josh Tillman e sua persona brilhante foram capazes de criar um álbum que grita 2017. Seja na canção-título, na qual Misty narra a existência humana da forma mais sincera e cruel possível, seja em Ballad of the Dying Man onde revela a pequenez do ser ante ao universo e a futilidade dos constantes comentários acerca de tudo e todos, há uma beleza quase intocável em Pure Comedy. É claro que isso parece paradoxal já que cada palavra de Misty nos toca de uma forma diferente quando prestamos atenção. Mas, aí é que está a genialidade do artista. É no óbvio que Tillman constrói sua arte. Ele ataca a religião, a política e toda e qualquer ideia fixa. Tudo deve ser questionado. E devemos rir quando percebemos como tudo é tão ridículo. A vida, afinal de contas, não passa de uma comédia.

Top 10 Pro-Wrestling Matches 2017

There’s been a certain buzz about 2017 being the greatest year in the history of professional wrestling. Dave Meltzer, the most respected critic in the business, has broken his star rating system in order to find a way to give some of this year’s matches the credit they deserved. Not only Meltzer gave the trilogy Omega/Okada a total of 18.25 stars but also rated 10 matches as 5+ matches, something that hasn’t happened since 1993 when All Japan was at the top of their game, lucha was hotter than ever and joshi was just the best thing out there. Well, 2017 is no different for that matter. We had such an amazing year that was truly hard to find only 10 matches to fill this list, and it is completely different from Meltzer’s. Also, if you ask any other professional wrestling fan who watched a reasonable number of matches in 2017 (I, for instance, watched and rated a total of 212), he will probably give you a different list. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes a great year.

10. Abdullah Kobayashi & Ryuji Ito vs Hideki Suzuki & Kazumi Kikuta

BJW Summer Vacation – 8/22

Kobayashi and Ito had an amazing year. The so-called Deathmatch Guys step out of their game to lead the BJW Tag Team division into great matches. They’ve already had a fantastic match against Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi) previous to this one, but that didn’t stop them from having another great performance against Suzuki & Kikuta. Neither one of the guys is great in the ring. Damn it, they’re not even good. But they were able to create something special here. It wasn’t a long match. It wasn’t a classic. It was just good to the point that you feel you’re watching something special. And that’s enough to make out Top 10. Also, check out the post-match, with a very interesting angle that makes you want more of BJW.

9. Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly vs Akam, Rezar & Roderick Strong vs Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe & Eric Young

NXT Takeover War Games – 11/18

When WWE announced the return of War Games, the world of professional wrestling got really excited. It was one of the most exciting concepts in the history of the business, and, with the NXT talent involved, they could do no wrong. Of course, like always, they had to change a thing or two in the original concept to make it WWEesque, but, at the end, that didn’t hurt the match. It was your classic car crash WWE multi men match mixed with an indy style wild brawl. Everyone looked great, it was fun as hell and it made us beg for another one maybe a little closer to the original this time.

8. Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom – 1/4

“You’re crazy right?”, you gotta be asking. “If you put the match that broke the star rating at number 8 on your list, what can be next?”. Well, I told you it was a crazy year. Don’t get me wrong here, I loved this match. If I didn’t it wouldn’t be here, would it? Omega/Okada is one of those pairings that you want to watch wrestle as much as possible. The fact is they have given us more than we expected. This was only their first encounter. They nailed it at the freakin’ Tokyo Dome. They got 6 stars from Meltzer. They delivered, arguably, the best match ever according to most fans. How in the hell they could top it, right? Right?

7. Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman vs Brock Lesnar

WWE SummerSlam – 8/20

There’s one thing that WWE does best than any promotion in the world, and that is create a spectacle out of a mess. It was no different here. They put four big men in a ring and let them destroy each other. It was breathtaking from start to finish. I’m pretty sure a lot of spots in this match made to those OMG compilation videos that you will find on Youtube. It was just insane!

6. Akam & Rezar vs Alexander Wolfe & Eric Young

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn – 8/19

Many will say this was not even MOTN, so how could it possibly be on the list for the best matches of the year? Don’t ask too many questions, because I really don’t know the answer. I remember I was so excited watching this match, I couldn’t stay still. It was like I was watching my first match ever, full of joy and innocence. This match made me a mark again for a moment, and I will celebrate that by putting it on this list.

5. Kazuchika Okada vs Minoru Suzuki

NJPW G1 Climax – 8/8

I was surprised making my research that this match was actually better rated on Cagematch than their previous encounter on New Beginning. I, particularly, prefer this match, but I heard a lot of buzz about the other one making MOTY lists and almost none about this one. Anyway, it’s MY list, so, even if this was below, it would still make it. Does it make sense, or am I losing focus here? Never mind. I had forgotten this was a time limit draw, and now that I remember, it makes the match even better. God, what a year!

4. Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega

NJPW G1 Climax – 8/12

The third bout between Okada and Omega is completely different from the other two. First, it was in the G1 Tournament. Second, there was a 30 minutes time limit. Third, it wasn’t for the IWGP title. All of these factors completely changed the dynamics of this match. Also, it allowed Omega to beat Okada for the first time setting another yet match between this two in the future. We can’t wait for it, can we?

3. Kenny Omega vs Tetsuya Naito

NJPW G1 Climax – 8/13

Another match to break the star system ratings, Naito/Omega was the perfect closing to an amazing G1 Tournament. It becomes even more incredible when you realize it happened just 24 hours after Omega’s amazing match with Okada. It was undoubtedly the best match of the tournament. A breathtaking performance by two of the best wrestlers in the world that makes us wonder what they have left for us in 2018.

2. Tomohiro Ishii vs Kenny Omega

NJPW G1 Special – 7/2

I just realized this is the only Ishii match of this list. That’s incredible because Ishii is probably the best in-ring performer in the world. Nobody gives you that sense of drama that makes you want to just cheer for him like this neckless human pit bull. And then, you put him against Omega, one of the most creative wrestlers on the planet. That spot when Ishii just bites the rope so he won’t go through a table was one of the most memorable things I’ve ever seen. This was an instant classic.

1. Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega

NJPW Dominion – 11/6

God, how I love professional wrestling. Matches like this really make me proud. I remember watching this and thinking “This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in my life”. Yeah, I’m not that old, but that’s two decades still. Maybe I should stop here, so people won’t think my life just sucks, but that’s not the case. This match was THAT good. These two went to the limit, literally. They are, indeed, the two best wrestlers on the planet. This was on the same patamar as Flair/Steamboat and Misawa/Kobashi. In conclusion, Okada and Omega may not only be the two best wrestlers of the year, they may also become the two best in history.

Top 10 Filmes – 1º Semestre 2017

Com certo atraso, é bem verdade, chegou a hora de ranquear os melhores filmes que passaram por terras tupiniquins na primeira metade de 2017. A lista agrega os títulos lançados no cinema ou em algum serviço on demand entre 1 de Janeiro e 30 de Junho. Essa lista mistura indicados e vencedores do Oscar que só foram lançados por aqui esse ano, blockbusters hollywoodianos, filmes independentes, nacionais e estrangeiros (leia-se não americanos). A lista representa a opinião deste que vos escreve. Críticas construtivas são sempre vem vindas e opiniões fundamentadas também.

10º: Split


Shyamalan retorna em grande estilo em um dos melhores suspenses do ano. Depois de serem sequestradas por um sujeito completamente maluco (James McAvoy), Casey (Anya-Taylor Joy), Claire (Haley Lu Richardson) e Marcia (Jessica Sula) precisam encontram um meio de escapar do cativeiro. Isso claro, não parece ser nada fácil, principalmente depois de descobrirem que aquele sujeito tem múltiplas personalidades. E não, não estou falando daquele vizinho duas-caras. O cara realmente é várias pessoas em uma. Confuso? Bem, Shyamalan compensa isso pra você, com uma direção claustrofóbica e desesperados. McAvoy também mostra toda sua prolificidade aqui. O filme vale a pena cada prendida de respiração.

9º: Hell or High Water


Hell or High Water é, simplesmente, o tipo de filme para quem gosta de ação ininterrupta e tensão contínua. O filme conta a história de Tanner e Toby Howard (Ben Foster e Chris Pine, respectivamente) que realizam uma série de assaltos buscando salvar o rancho da família de uma eventual perda por razões financeiras. De outro lado estão Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) e Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham), dois Texas Rangers que atuam como uma dupla nada funcional. O roteiro brilhante, consegue manter os dois duos separados por quase todo o filme, para juntá-los novamente em um final de tirar o fôlego. Hell or High Water é uma história de companheirismo e lealdade, que quebra as barreiras do certo e errado ao deixar que o espectador escolha por quem torcer – se ele conseguir.

8º: 20th Century Women


Dorothea (Annette Bening) é uma mulher de meia idade que tem de lidar com os desafios de criar um filho (Lucas Jade Zumann), ao mesmo tempo em que vê o tempo passar ao seu redor e sente a velhice se aproximando. Para isso, ele conta com a ajuda de outras duas mulheres: a jovem Abbie (Greta Gerwig) e a adolescente Julie (Elle Fanning). O fantástico filme retrata a realidade de mulheres em uma época onde sua voz ainda não era plenamente ouvida – não que seja muito diferente hoje – e de um garoto pré-adolescente que precisa encontrar a si próprio no meio dessa tempestade. Reflexivo e inteligente, o filme nunca deixa de ser, ao menos, instigante.

7º: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2


Os Guardiões da Galáxia retornam em um filme hilário e emocionante ao mesmo tempo. Dessa vez, Starlord (Chris Pratt) deve lidar com a aparição inesperada de seu pai (Kurt Russel) ao mesmo tempo em que enfrenta as revelações de seu passado. A última entrada na bem-sucedida franquia MCU consegue ser ainda melhor que sua predecessora e se estalece como o melhor filme do MCU. Sim, o roteiro tem todos os clichés de um clássico blockbuster, mas eles funcionam, e muito bem. Isso é suficiente para colocar Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 como um dos melhores filmes do semestre e, mesmo, do ano.

6º: Get Out


O melhor suspense do ano é uma grata surpresa. Em Get Out Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) acompanha a nova namorada (Allison Williams) em uma viagem até a casa de seus pais, enquanto o temor de não ser aceito na família por ser negro o atormenta por dentro. Mas, se as coisas poderiam ser ruins, acontecimentos bizarros fazer elas se tornarem ainda piores. O filme não só é um thriller espetacular de tirar o fôlego, mas uma fantástica metáfora ao racismo em um mundo extremamente segregacionista. Get Out não é só um dos melhores filmes do semestre, é também um dos mais importantes.

5º: Okja


A Netflix tem se estabelecido, ao longo dos último dois ou três anos, como a maior produtora de conteúdo do século. Seu novo modelo de distribuição tem criado discussões no mundo inteiro de como os filmes devem ser vistos. Mas, tais discussões só existem em razão de filmes como Okja: excelentes produções que não temem discutir qualquer tipo de tema. No novo filme de Joon-ho Bong (do fantástico Snowpiercer), uma competição ao redor do mundo é realizada para descobrir qual fazendeiro é capaz de criar da melhor forma um superporco que promete ser o futuro da indústria alimentícia. É claro que ninguém contava com a astúcia insistente de Mija (Seo-Hyun Ahn) que fará de tudo para salvar sua melhor amiga, Okja, da morte iminente. O fantástico roteiro é uma plataforma não só para a jovem atriz sul-coreana, mas para os talentos inquestionáveis de Paul Dano e Tilda Swinton, em performances dignas de Oscar.

4º: La Tortue Rouge


Se existe um estúdio no mundo com o toque de Midas, ele chama-se Ghibli. Ou talvez Hayao Miyazaki e companhia sejam, apenas, extremamente exigentes ao escolherem onde colocarão a mão. La Tortue Rouge, por exemplo, é apenas co-produzido pelo estúdio, mas todo aquele sentimento inerente de Spirited Away e demais produções está presente. A animação francesa conta a história de um náufrago que, ao tentar fugir de uma ilha deserta, tem seus planos frustrados por uma tartaruga gigante. O filme é capaz de contar uma história cativante sem uma linha de diálogo e mostra a relação entre homem e natureza de uma forma que Hemingway ficaria com inveja.

3º: I don’t feel at home in this world anymore


E se você colocasse um hobbit e a vizinha maluca e apaixonada de Charlie Sheen como protagonistas de um filme indie sem preocupação alguma em ser politicamente correto? Pois bem, o resultado é ainda mais maluco do que isso. O vencedor do prêmio máximo de Sundance é marcado pela capacidade de transformar um drama sobre solidão de quebrar o coração em uma comédia tarantinesca em um piscar de olhos e sem parecer forçado, daquele forma que só os filmes independentes consegue. O filme vale pelas interpretações de Melanie Lynskey e Elijah Wood e, mais de uma vez, você vai se pegar chorando sem saber se é de tristeza ou alegria.

2º: Logan


Logan não é exatamente um filme de super-herói comum. Bem, talvez ele nem mesmo seja um filme de super-herói. A swan-song de Hugh Jackman como Wolverine nos cinema é tudo o que o autor e o personagem merecem e ainda mais. Dessa vez, Logan precisa dar um jeito de ajudar a pequena Laura (Dafne Queen) ao mesmo tempo em que precisa evitar Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) de destruir o mundo ao seu redor. O drama dos personagens é latente, com atuações memoráveis por parte de todo o elenco. Logan é o que todo filme deveria ser: preciso na história, indiferente ao box office, memorável mesmo ao mais insensível dos fãs. Provavelmente a melhor adaptação de quadrinhos já feita no cinema.

1º: La La Land


Quando Whiplash acabou e os créditos rolaram, a única coisa que ficou foi a vontada de ver o que Damien Chazelle faria a seguir. Claro que o filme sobre o jovem baterista nunca teve o crédito que merecia de fato, mas talvez tenha sido um dos mais queridos pelos público daquele ano. Bem, Chazelle voltou, e trouxe Ryan Gosling e Emma Stone para um dos melhores musicais de todos os tempos. Traga Fred & Ginger, misture com um pouco de Gene Kelly e baseie-se no roteiro de Le Parapluis de Cherbourg, inserindo retoques de West Side Story e, voilá, uma obra prima saindo. Chazelle nos encanta por meio de nossos protagonistas. Ele nos faz implorar por um final feliz, quebra nosso coração, depois ameniza com uma montagem de como as coisas poderiam ser para, simplesmente, percebemos de aquilo torna tudo ainda mais difícil. Ele nos mostra que, na vida, escolhas devem ser tomadas e que, muitas vezes, elas implicam em sacrifícios. Ele nos mostra que não vai ser fácil. Nem por isso, no entanto, devemos deixar de sonhar.

E aí, qual filme faltou na lista? Não deixe de comentar.

Top 20 Meltzer’s High Rated Wrestlers – Part 4

5º: AJ Styles (119,5 stars/5 star matches: 1)


Quando AJ Styles deixou a TNA em 2013, era impossível dizer para onde sua carreira seguiria. Algum tempo depois, ele chegaria à New Japan, juntaria-se ao Bullet Club e tornaria-se campeão mundial pela companhia. Styles se estabeleceria como um dos maiores wrestlers do mundo. Esse fato, é claro, chamou a atenção da WWE, à qual Styles ingressou em 2016. Lá, novamente, ele quebraria barreiras e também se tornaria campeão mundial, além de ter uma série de encontros memoráveis com John Cena, em verdadeiras dream matches. Afinal, qual é o próximo passo do Phenomenal One?

When AJ Styles left TNA in 2013, it was impossible to tell where his career would go. Some time later, he would arrive in New Japan, join the Bullet Club and become a world champion for the promotion. Styles would establish himself as one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. This , of course, caught the attention of WWE, which Styles joined in 2016. There, again, he would break barriers and become a world champion as well as having a series of memorable bouts with John Cena in true dream matches. After all, what is the Phenomenal One’s next step?

4º: Kenta Kobashi (128 stars/5 star matches: 9)


Kobashi é um daqueles talentos que aparecem uma vez em uma vida. Certo, talvez não. A realidade é que, justamente por ter aparecido outro sujeito ao lado dele tão bom quanto, é que o mundo do professional wrestling teve a oportunidade de contemplar a melhor rivalidade dentro do ringue de todos os tempos. Misawa vs Kobashi é algo de outro mundo. Algo obrigatório a qualquer fã.

Kobashi is one of those talents that appear once in a lifetime. Okay, maybe not. The reality is that there was another guy as good as him that shared the ring with him multiple times and, because of that, the world of professional wrestling had the opportunity to contemplate the best in ring feud of all time. Misawa vs. Kobashi is something out of this world. Something compulsory for any fan.

3º: Hiroshi Tanashi (135,75 stars/5 star matches: 6)


Tanahashi foi o ace da New Japan por um longo tempo até que Okada assumiu esse papel. Isso significa que ele esteve no topo por muitos anos, enfrentando os melhores da indústria. Mas, crédito seja devido, Tanahashi é um talento incrível. Ele foi creditado como o japonês John Cena, principalmente por causa de seu carisma e potencial. Tanahashi é ainda mais do que isso. Mesmo nos últimos anos, onde ele está sendo removido lentamente do main event status, o Ace produziu ótimas performances. Talvez, Tanahashi esteja se aposentando em breve, mas, com certeza, vai deixar saudades.

Tanahashi was the ace of New Japan for a long time until Okada took that role. This means he’s been on top for many years facing the best in the business. But, credit is due, Tanahashi is an amazing talent. He’s been credited as the japanese John Cena, mainly because of his charisma and star quality. Tanahashi is even more than that. Even on recent years where he’s being slowly removed from the main event status, the Ace produced some great matches. Maybe, Tanahashi is retiring soon, but, for sure, we will remeber him.

2º: Mitsuharu Misawa (149 stars/5 star matches: 13 + a 6 star match)


Se você já viu uma luta de Misawa, você sabe exatamente por que o cara está aqui. Ninguém na história tem mais lutas de 5 estrelas do que ele e isso significa que Misawa pode muito bem ser o maior wrestler de todos os tempos. Sua primeira luta de 5 estrelas veio em 1985 quando enfrentou Kuniaki Kobayashi como Tiger Mask II. Em 1994, enfrentou Toshiaki Kawada na primeira partida de 6 estrelas da história. Em 2003, enfrentou Kenta Kobashi em sua última luta de 5 estrelas para fechar uma rivalidade lendária e uma carreira lendária. Ele ainda lutaria por mais cinco anos até sua morte em 2009, logo após uma luta. Alguns afirmam que foi um golpe de wrestling que levou à sua morte, mas sua família não permitiu que a verdadeira causa fosse revelada ao público. Se isso for verdade, foi um fim romântico para a carreira de um dos maiores lutadores de todos os tempos.

If you ever saw a Misawa match you know exactly why the guy is here. Nobody is history has more 5 star matches than him and that means that Misawa may well be the greatest wrestler of all time. His first 5 star match came in 1985 when he wrestled Kuniaki Kobayashi as Tiger Mask II. In 1994 he faced Toshiaki Kawada in the first ever 6 star match. In 2003 he faced Kenta Kobashi on his last 5 star match to close a legendary feud and a legendary career. He would still wrestle for another five years until his death in 2009, just after a match. Some claim it was a wrestling move that lead to his death, but his family didn’t allowed the real cause to be revealed to the public. If that is true, it was a romantic end to the career of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

1º: Kazuchika Okada (153 stars/5 star matches: 5 + a 6 star match + a 6,25 match)


Foi apenas recentemente que Okada superou Misawa no número de estrelas consideradas neste ranking. Mas, o fato é que o cara tem apenas 29 anos. Ele nem sequer está no pico de sua carreira e, provavelmente, tem pelo menos uma boa década à frente dele no topo da promoção. Este ano, ele ainda tem todo um torneio G1 Climax à frente dele. Você pode esperar, pelo menos, duas lutas de cinco estrelas dele. Bem, ainda mais se você considerar que uma de suas lutas é contra Kenny Omega, um cara que ele já enfrentou duas vezes este ano para duas lutas com mais de 6 estrelas. É assustador pensar o que esse cara vai realizar até o final de sua carreira. Deus ajude que ele nunca vá para a WWE.

It was only recently that Okada surpassed Misawa in the number of stars considered in this ranking. But, the thing is, the guy is only 29. He’s not even on him prime and, probably, has at least a good decade ahead of him as the face of the promotion. This year, he still have an entire G1 Climax tournament ahead of him. You can expect, at least, two five star matches out of him. Well, even more if you consider that one of his bouts is against Kenny Omega, a guy he already faced twice this year for two 6+ star matches. It’s scary just to think what this guy will accomplish until the very end of his career. God helps he never gets to WWE though.

Esse ranking foi feito com as notas concedidas até o final do primeiro semestre de 2017.

This ranking was made with the ratings awarded until the end of the first half of 2017.


Top 20 Meltzer’s High Rated Wrestlers – Part 3

10º: Jushin Liger (83 stars/5 star matches: 1)


O maior junior heavyweight de todos os tempos ocupa sua posição merecida nessa lista. Lutas lendárias contra El Samurai, Ultimo Dragon e Chris Benoit são apenas alguns exemplos do talento de Liger. Chega a ser estranho olhar para esse sujeito estranho, vestido de super-herói japonês e ver o que ele já foi capaz de fazer no ringue. Infelizmente, Liger já está no fim da linha, então não espera muito mais do lendário wrestler.

The greatest junior heavyweight of all time takes his well deserved spot in this list. His legendary matches against the likes of El Samurai, Ultimo Dragon and Chris Benoit are just a few examples of Liger’s talent. It’s even strange to look at this weird guy dressed as a Japanese superhero and see what he’s already been able to do in the ring. Unfortunately, Liger is already at the end of the line, so do not expect much more from this legendary wrestler.

9º: Shinsuke Nakamura (83,25 stars/5 star matches: 2)


Nakamura apenas começou sua caminhada na WWE, mas sua jornada no mundo do professional wrestling não é nova. Antes de chegar na terra do Tio Vince, ele fez questão de deixar saudades na New Japan. Combates contra AJ Styles e Kota Ibushi são lembrados como suas maiores conquistas. No caso do Phenomenal One, há ainda aquele ligeira esperança de ver esses dois no topo da Wrestlemania.

Nakamura just started his path in WWE, but his journey into the world of professional wrestling is not new. Before arriving in the land of Uncle Vince, he made sure that New Japan fans would miss him. The bouts against AJ Styles and Kota Ibushi are remembered as his greatest achievements. In the case of the Phenomenal One, there is still that slight hope of seeing these two main eventing Wrestlemania.

8º: Shawn Michaels (83,75 stars/5 star matches: 2)


Shawn Michaels é tido por muitos como o maior wrestler da história da WWE. Sua história na companhia pode ser divida em duas partes. A primeira, nos anos 90, viu HBK se estabelecer como o principal ativo da companhia, conquistando o título por múltiplas vezes e liderando, junto com Bret Hart, um roster que carecia de talentos. Essa passagem, no entanto, foi interrompida por uma lesão que, teoricamente, terminaria com sua carreira em 1998. Surpreendentemente, Michaels retornou aos ringues quatro anos depois. Ele conquistaria o título mundial uma vez, mas essa não seria sua maior conquista. O Heartbreak Kid teria uma série de lutas memoráveis, ainda melhores que a de sua primeira passagem. E isso durou até o fim. Sua última luta contra The Undertaker ainda é tida por muitas como a melhor de sua carreira. Há rumores de que Michaels ainda poderia voltar para o ringue mais uma vez para enfrentar alguém como AJ Styles. Alguém dúvida que isso poderia ser fantástico?

Shawn Michaels is considered by many to be the greatest wrestler in WWE history. His professional history in the company can be divided in two moments. The first in the 90s saw HBK establish himself as the company’s main asset, winning the main title multiple times and leading, along with Bret Hart, a roster that lacked talent. This passage, however, was interrupted by an injury that would theoretically end his career in 1998. Surprisingly, Michaels returned to the ring four years later. He would win the world title once, but that would not be his greatest achievement. The Heartbreak Kid would have a series of memorable bouts, even better than those in his first run. And it lasted to the end. His last match against The Undertaker is still considered by many to be the best of his career. There are rumors that Michaels could still return to the ring one more time to face someone like AJ Styles. Anyone doubt that this could be fantastic?

7º: Tomohiro Ishii (102,75 stars/5 star matches: 3)


Ishii é, provavelmente, um dos wrestlers menos valorizados dessa geração. Apesar de um número inacreditável da performances memoráveis, o Stone Pitbull parece nunca levar o crédito. Enquanto seus adversários são apontados como sérios candidatos para melhor wrestler do mundo, Ishii fica em segundo plano. São três ou quatro anos de inacreditáveis batalhas contra Naito e Omega, Shibata e Goto. Ishii consegue entregas uma luta quatro estrelas mesmo contra o pior dos oponentes. Talvez daqui a alguns anos ele seja, finalmente, encarado como deve: como um dos melhores de todos os tempos.

Ishii is probably one of the most underrated wrestlers of this generation. Despite an unbelievable number of memorable performances, the Stone Pitbull never seems to take the credit. While his opponents are appointed as serious candidates for the best wrestler in the world award, Ishii never seems to share the spotlight. There have benn three or four years of incredible battles against Naito and Omega, Shibata and Goto. Ishii manages to deliver a four-star match even against the worst of the opponents. Maybe in a few years he will be finally looked at as he should: as one of the greatest of all time.

6º: Toshiaki Kawada (104,75 stars/5 star matches: 6 + a 6 star match)


Kawada veio de uma geração interessante. Ao dividir o ringue com Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi e outras inúmeras lenda, ele foi capaz de participar em algumas das maiores lutas de todos os tempos. Mas, crédito seja devido, ninguém consegue chegar ao topo simplesmente por estar no lugar certo e na hora certa. Kawada talvez tenha sido o Ishii de sua geração e ficado à sombra de Misawa e Kobashi, mas seu talento, visto sob a ótica de hoje, é indubitável.

Kawada came from an interesting generation. By sharing the ring with Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi and other legends, he was able to participate in some of the greatest matches of all time. But, credit is due, no one can get to the top simply by being in the right place at the right time. Kawada may have been the Ishii of his generation and remained in the shadow of Misawa and Kobashi, but his talent, seen from today’s perspective, is undeniable.

Esse ranking foi feito com as notas concedidas até o final do primeiro semestre de 2017.

This ranking was made with the ratings awarded until the end of the first half of 2017.


Top 20 Meltzer’s High Rated Wrestlers – Part 2

15º: KUSHIDA (68,75 stars/5 star matches: 1)


Um dos melhores junior heavyweights de sua geração, KUSHIDA tem se destacado por alguns embates contra wrestlers como Will Ospreay e Hiromu Takahashi. Membro da melhor divisão junior do mundo, o Time Splitter continua a oferecer uma série de lutas bastante excitantes cada vez que entra no ringue.

One of the best junior heavyweights of his generation, KUSHIDA has been stood out thanks to his battles against the likes of Will Ospreay and Hiromu Takahashi. A member of the best junior division in the world, the Time Splitter continues to offer a number of exciting bouts every time it enters the ring.

14º: Tetsuya Naito (69,25 stars/5 star matches: 2)


Sem dúvidas, essa lista evidencia o talento presente no roster da New Japan atualmente. Naito é mais uma estrela criada pela companhia japonese. O líder de Los Ingobernables del Japon conseguiu, por meio de uma mudança de atitude, se transformar em um dos maiores wrestlers do planeta. Naito é o atual favorito a vencer o G1 Climax e enfrentar Okada no Tokyo Dome ano que vem. Alguma dúvidas de que venham mais algumas estrelas por aí?

Undoubtedly, this list evidences the talent present in the New Japan roster today. Naito is another star created by the japanese promotion. The leader of Los Ingobernables del Japon was able, through a change of attitude, to become one of the greatest wrestlers of the planet. Naito is the current favorite to win the G1 Climax and face Okada at Tokyo Dome next year. Any doubts that there are some more stars out there?

13º: KENTA (73,25 stars/5 star matches: 0)


Hideo Itami talvez ainda não tenha mostrado todo o seu potencial no NXT, mas há uma razão por trás toda a badalação de sua contratação. O principal prodígio de Kenta Kobashi beneficiou-se bastante em dividir o ringue com seu mentor, mas seu talento, de fato vai além disso. Se algum dia ele alcançará o mesmo sucesso na WWE, só o tempo poderá dizer.

Hideo Itami may not yet have shown all his potential in NXT, but there is a reason behind all the hustle and bustle of his hiring. The main prodigy of Kenta Kobashi has greatly benefited from sharing the ring with his mentor, but his talent actually goes beyond that. If someday he will achieve the same success in WWE, only time can tell.

12º: Young Bucks (73,75 stars/5 star matches: 1)


Nick e Matt Jackson formam a melhor dupla do mundo atualmente, e contra isso não há argumentos. Que eles tem se estabelecido como uma das maiores da histórias parece ter ficado cada vez mais claro. Em constante ascensão desde sua chegada na New Japan e sua entrada no Bullet Club, os dois membros da The Elite vão continuar entregando até que nos cansemos deles, algo que não vai acontecer tão cedo.

Nick and Matt Jackson are the best tag team in the world today, and against that there are no arguments. That they have established themselves as one of the greatest teams of the history seems to have become increasingly clear. They’ve only grown since they arrived in New Japan and joined the Bullet Club. The two members of The Elite will continue to deliver until we get tired of them, something that will not happen anytime soon.

11º: Chris Benoit (78,75 stars/5 star matches: 1)


A forma como a vida de Chris Benoit nos impede, muitas vezes, de valorizar o trabalho de um dos maiores wrestlers de todos os tempos. Chris era um perfeccionista, ele se preocupava com cada spot e, por isso, cada luta parecia especial. Seja nos seus combates épicos no Japão contra sujeitos como Jushin Liger e Great Sasuke, seja suas lutas contra Kurt Angle e Chris Jericho, o Wild Pegasus sempre deu o melhor de si. Uma pena que, no final, o preço a ser pago fosse tão grande.

The way Chris Benoit’s life ended often prevents us from valuing the work of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Chris was a perfectionist, he cared about every spot and so every fight seemed special. Be it in his epic bouts in Japan against guys like Jushin Liger and Great Sasuke, be it his matches against Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho, the Wild Pegasus has always done its best. It’s a pity that, in the end, the price to be paid was so big.

Esse ranking foi feito com as notas concedidas até o final do primeiro semestre de 2017.

This ranking was made with the ratings awarded until the end of the first half of 2017.