Dream Wrestlers, Dream Matches – Gotch vs Hackenschmidt


Chicago, 1908. Everything begins here. The two greatest wrestlers on the planet finally face off in the first dream match of professional wrestling’s history. It’s true that before there were stars. Martin “Farmer” Burns and William Muldoon were recognized legends. However, never before in the history of the business so much buzz was caused by a single encounter. And it would be the first time someone would walk out with the right to be claimed the Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the World.

By the time they faced each other, both competitors were already well-known in the wrestling world. Hacken was the European champion while Gotch held the belt in American soil.

The match itself lasted more than two hours and was filled with controversy. Hacken would complain that Gotch used a series of underhanded tactics. It didn’t matter. At the end of the day, the American would leave as the winner and be crowned the World Heavyweight Champion.

It’s sad that we have no footage from this match. Otherwise, we would be analyzing the most important 120 minutes of wrestling history. This was, after all, the match that set in stone what professional wrestling would become: a true spectacle for the masses.

Frank GotchUntitled

Height: 1.80 cm (5′ 11″)
Weight: 95 kg (209 lbs)
Debut: 1899
Trainers: Farmer Burns

World Heavyweight Champion

UntitledGeorge Hackenschmidt

Height: 1.83 cm (6′ 0″)
Weight: 105 kg (231 lbs)
Debut: 1896
Trainers: Georg Lurich

World Heavyweight Champion

The Feud

Total Matches: 2

Record: Gotch (2) X (0) Hackenschmidt

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