Shikat vs Lewis

Dick ShikatUntitled

Height: 1.85 cm (6′ 1″)
Weight: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Debut: ???
Trainers: ???

NWA World Heavyweight Champion – Association Version
World Heavyweight Champion

Ed “The Strangler” LewisUntitled

Height: 1.78 cm (5′ 10″)
Weight: 120 kg (264 lbs)
Debut: 1905
Trainers: ???

AWA World Heavyweight Champion – Boston Version (2x)
World Heavyweight Champion (4x)

This footage is a real treasure. First of all, the fact that this match takes place in Madison Square Garden gives a big feel to it. It’s a spectacle with two all-time greats. We can see some hints of storytelling here. Shikat looks heelish. I believe he’s younger too and his offense looks quicker-paced than Lewis’. The Strangler, by the way, bases his offense on the move that made him famous. One of the funniest things is listening to the commentator calling headlocks high-spots. No doubt, pro-wrestling changed a lot since.

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